jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2007


Gran bendición genera el Ps. Moore en Venezuela. El estará acompañándonos el dia lunes 5 a las 7:30pm en la Iglesia Misión Bíblica Carismática, compartiendo a Funcionarios del Estado Evangélicos.
Estemos orando por ello

Dear Friends and loved ones,                  Wednesday at midnight, October 31, 2007

While in Panama the Lord blessed a service in the largest church in the country. Out of the more than 6,000 in attendance more than 1,000 came forward in brokenness to commit their lives to the lordship of Christ. The pastor then asked them to give us a love offering and these sweet people came forward and gave us $500 after they had earlier given their tithes and offerings.
Judy and I were  overwhelmed by the great number who came forward to surrender their lives to the Lordship of Christ. I gave thanks to the Lord for the privilege of being used of Him in this way.

This church has invited me back in April to preach to more than 3,800 pastors. The last of November, before I begin a three country series of seminars ,this church will record our two hour seminar in the studios of their Television station and then show it on their station several times. This is an answer to prayer because due to technical reasons on three occasions we have been unsuccessful in recording this seminar. 

We have now held two very blessed pastors seminars in Venezuela (Caracas and Barquisimeto) and tomorrow we take another 5 1/2 hour ride on a bus to Maracaibo to hold our last seminar in this country,at least for this trip. It is interesting that before the Lord called us to follow Him we owned 67 buses and 4 bus lines. Now for the sake of economy we ride buses. Each of our two long trips on buses has cost us less than 5% of what we would have paid on an airline ($65). Forty two years ago I never thought I would ever ride an over the road bus again and now we thank Him for providing, two old ancient ones, an inexpensive way to travel.

Today for 4 hours I stood on my feet,without a break and taught our seminar. Amazingly no one moved around and no one left the seminar. We all were blessed as God spoke to each of our hearts. By the time I finished, my pain levels were very high and I was exhausted. Judy ministered to many pastors and their wives as I sat in a chair and tried to remain coherent.

It is midnight and we leave on our trip to Maracaibo tomorrow or today actually. We both slept 4 hours this afternoon trying to recharge our batteries and Judy is already asleep and I had better join her.

Saturday we leave for Lima, Peru where I will have the blessing of introducing Judy to many dear Christian friends. We are there only three days but will speak each day. We are exhausted now and after the next bus ride we will be ready for a puzzle factory, so please pray that He will bless us with strength and stamina. We have been claiming Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through my Christ Jesus who strengthens me"

Please, as God reminds you of us, pray that He will keep us hidden behind His cross and we will in no way try to share the glory with Him.

Rigoberto was with us in Panama and the first day in Venezuela but had to return to Costa Rica to continue the very fruitful part of his ministry with the Intercessors (50,000+) of that country.

Love in the Lord to each of you,
Charles and Judy Moore-Rigoberto and Laura Vega


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